The Premium Quality Custom Made Leather Dog Leash


Multi-Lead is the new best leash for walking and training your dog. Multi-Leads are hand made in the USA with authentic latigo leather with rich brass hardware. The leather is 5/8" wide. The snaps are heavy-duty and 3 1/4" long. The rings are 1 3/8" diameter. Best of all, the length of the lead can be adjusted easily. And, you decide how long they should be.Most people buy a set of two multi-leads, for example two 3 foot leads:
  • Combined (snap to handle ring) they make the standard 6 foot training lead.
  • Using either one separately gives you a very nice 3 foot heeling lead. Almost impossible to find elsewhere.
  • Snapping the handle ring into it's own snap gives you ultra-close control with a 1.5 foot lead.
  • Some can wear one lead as a loose belt and snap the dog's lead to it for hands free control.


Custom Lengths?But what if these lengths aren't quite perfect? The 3 foot is just about perfect for a labrador for example but might be a bit long or short for your dog. You can order custom made Multi-Leads at almost any size!


Please email us at multi-lead@teachtechcoloraddo.com with any and all questions.






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