File It Away Technical Support

When File It Away is installed make sure the icon is in the Dock. This should happen automatically but you can always find the program in the Applications folder. To use the program to file away all your clutter, just follow the next 4 steps.

File It Away icon in the Dock


1. Select the file or document or picture or folder you want to move. Drag it to the File It Away icon.
You can also choose to duplicate it.

File It Away Screenshot


2. The common Save a File dialog box will open. It should be looking inside your Documents folder. Navigate to the exact folder where you want your selection moved or copied. Click the Choose button.

File It Away Screenshot


3. The move or copy will take place. It will be fast for one small document but might take a few moments for a folder full of things. Soon, you will see a message indicating your move or copy has occurred.

File It Away Screenshot


4. If you think you moved it to the wrong location just choose Undo (Command Z is the shortcut) from the Edit Menu as your next action. The file(s) will be returned to its original location.

Other Notes:

File It Away is best if it is easy to find. Leave it in the Dock or drag it to the toolbar at the top of a Finder window.

More questions?

Email: fileitaway.support@teachtechcolorado.com






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